The Dead Zone ★★★½

"When it happens, I don't know, it feels like I'm dying inside"
-Christopher Walken,'s the dead zone.
"I've got a vision of being President some day" -Martin Sheen, being psychic.

- David Cronenberg Ranked:
- Daily Horror Hunt #15 (Sept. '19):
Day 17: Watch a movie by Craven, Cronenberg or Carpenter

I don't shake hands with people because ain't no dead zone psychic going to see my plans for the future.

In the Dead Zone, a man in love goes into a coma only to awaken five years later and realize that he is psychic. When he touches a person's hand he can see something about them that is convenient for the plot. At a slow pace the film details his recovery from the coma and adventures as a psychic trying to move on with his life. I really like this movie.

Christopher Walken prancing around with his walking cane solving mysteries with his psychic powers is a mood that I am into so sign me up. He's got such a perfect well-intentioned creepiness to him that no other actor quite has so him as a psychic is perfect. What I like about this movie is that it isn't just one plot but a scattered series of events in the man's life designed to show you what the power might be like. In addition, the film does a good job of allowing time to reflect on whether a man like this would be able to fit into modern society and what, if any, obligations he has because of his power.

Recommended to fans of old school thrillers.

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