The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★★★½

"How come these movies aren't as smart as my dumb brain thinks they should be?" -Many negative reviews of this film (paraphrasing)

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I like that the Purge posters never feature a main character... it's fun... why the hell do people care?

I love the Forever Purge like I love all of my Purge children and I look forward to watching it again and again during my annual Purge binges. I think it's a smart and fun franchise that was generally underappreciated by an overwhelmingly centrist culture filled with apolitical pseudo-intellectuals and amateur sociologists. I have no problem with the films just not being for people, I think it's the people that imply that the films are somehow not good enough for them or up to snuff that sit poorly with me because they reek of condescension and ignorance. The central premise of the Purge is so intriguing to people that these modern exploitation films drew audiences they probably shouldn't and I just want those people to go back to giving Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump five stars and leave this shit alone.

Anyways, the film itself is not the best or worst in the Purge franchise but it is quite entertaining and features fun social commentary. I like how the film envisions an America that has finally fallen apart under the stress of a continually unavailable American Dream and rising racial tensions. I love that it turns the table and makes it about escaping America and that this one finally sheds light on what people are doing outside of the city and the suburbs. I like the big dumb parts like the Nazi in the police van that is waxing poetic about the symphony of gun fire and the goat trap that feels right out of a Saw film. What some people refer to as obvious and clunky commentary, in my opinion, is just the film getting certain political issues right and not being afraid to promote them. We not too long ago elected a fucking fascist to be President... maybe we need a dose of big, obvious, clunky commentary.


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