The House by the Cemetery ★★★

"No one will ever know whether children are monster or monsters are children" - dramatic Henry James quote used to end the film.

-Daily Horror Hunt (Nov 18):
Day 29: A movie featuring actor Paolo Malco

Fulci seems to not completely be my thing or my kind of weird, and that's okay, but I appreciate the opportunity to explore some of these Italian directors that I had never paid much attention to growing up. This is my third film of his and probably the one that I liked the least (I enjoyed The Beyond and The New York Ripper).

The opening scene of The House by the Cemetery is wonderful film-making and the finale to the movie is freaking fantastic, the in-between for me was mostly boring however. A lot of the Italian horror films just don't work for me or appeal to me at the dialogue level.

Sure, watch it. People like it, and the killer looks like a practical effects slender man. There are guts, and maggots and tons of fun practical effects with creepy music, just probably not making a favorite films list of mine any time soon.

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