The Hunt

The Hunt ★½

"White people... we really are the worst" - Dan,

-2020 Ranked:

I was really in the mood for a good political satire, but instead I got The Hunt...

Let's start with this... there is a remarkably small amount of hunting that actually takes place in this film. Overall, the story gets off to an incredibly quick, almost too quick, start and then it begins to lose momentum, starting about twenty minutes into the story. The Hunt culminates in a showdown that is incredibly unsatisfying with twists and turns that sink immediately upon delivery. The political satire is sparse and lame. The Hunt attempts to skewer both liberals and conservatives, liberals moreso, but with the depth and tact of that stupid post credits scene for Vice. I wish the comedy was more clever and biting instead of super simple stereotypes that do nothing to challenge current political structures.... it sucks.

As a horror tale itself it's passable but nothing special... I'd skip it.

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