The Imitation Game ★★★½

"Good lord, what is it about women with little hats?" - sexy WWII talk,
"Really, the whole thing is quite decorous." - Alan Turing,

Come for the dramatic representation of some of the most boring parts in WWII history, stay for Cumberbatch jogging in old man clothes.

In the Imitation Game, we track oddball Alan Turing, the master codebreaker who solved the Enigma coded message system, during his creation of a secret team and execution of his duties during World War II.
The film features excellent performances from Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, an actress that only exists in the past. Not going to lie I spent a lot of this movie trying to determine if I find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive but a lot of what I saw I sure did like.

This is a highly effective biopic with interesting themes of gender and being the underdog. So much of this film is about Alan Turing learning that being the most intelligent person is not the same as being the most respected or most successful, but also dealing with history of bullying and isolation. It's all done fairly well. The stuff on gender and sexual identity is pretty standard biopic stuff.

My main issue with this film is that there is nothing especially memorable about this movie, nothing that really stands the test of time. It's just an interesting film and that is about it. I think the greatest potential for a longing message comes from the sections about the choices that need to be made about who to fight and when. Many tough decisions about who to save and who to let die are made in war and this film touches on them but fails to go full fledged. From a movie nominated for best picture at the Oscars I hoped for a little more.

Recommended to history fans.

P.S. How many great intellectual discoveries were made during flirting sessions at a bar?

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