The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The Last Black Man in San Francisco ★★★★½

"I shouldn't get to appreciate them just because they're mean to me? ... Well that's silly" - Monty,

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Any house I own without a witch's hat will be a house that I'm disappointed in now.

Yep, this film is incredible. In The Last Black Man in San Francisco a man does everything in his power to gain ownership of the house that his grandfather, "The first black man in San Francisco," built. An intense and mesmerizing film follows. I tend to find films about people having a hard time letting go of the way a city should be annoying but I really, really love this.

To start, this script is engaging and creates an excellent pace for what could be an incredibly boring story. Everything really hits home how important it is to preserve the history of neighborhoods but also not to get so tied down to one idea of history that you lose sight of reality and progress. The critiques of racism and classism are implied more than they are pointed, but they still come across clearly. I like how the main character is angry about gentrification as he passively brushes over the Japanese internment camps that made his grandfather's life possible in the first place. It speaks to anger that lacks context but is still valid.

The style and feel of this film are also quite superior. The acting is surrealism mixed with occasional bouts of sobering reality. The lighting is incredibly effective and contributes to the BEAUTIFUL look of each and every frame of the film. There were times I wanted the film to be a little less silly and more focused but that's a minor quibble, this movie is awesome and watchable.

Yep, watch it!

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