The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★★

"Why are you doing this?" Kinsey
"Why not?" Dollface

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In The Strangers: Prey at Night, the three mysterious killers escalate in confidence and range as they attempt to kill a family, who is alone at a camp sight. The family is dealing with tensions of their own as the daughter is about to be dropped off at a military school after unnamed past indiscretions.

I enjoy this film better than the first, although I like both, they are just very different. For me the characters are well established and while the dialogue is corny at times, it rings true for an actual family. While the adults do fine I really like the two roles for teens played by Lewis Pullman and Bailee Madison. I really enjoy the third act where the director begins to approach the film as a murder music video. Pools, blood, flaming cars, neon lights and 80s ballads. While the killers are all creepy I want to give special recognition to Damian Maffei as the wordless, axe yielding "Man in the mask" whose physicality in the second half of the film may be the most under-rated part of Prey at Night.

So I picked this for the rewatch challenge to force myself to write a review since I haven't done that since my first watch where I didn't quite like the film as much yet. I have actually seen this movie 6 times now. Once or twice I skipped to the third act and/or it was just playing in the background but I've watched it a lot. I think I keep watching, trying to figure out why people don't like it and I can't. Hello, my name is Todd(?) and I like the Strangers: Prey at Night.

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