The Theory of Everything ★★½

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." - Stephen Hawking, a dude whose biopic is as standard as possible.

This being nominated for the best pictur Oscar is a false conclusion... that math should have been checked better.

Biopics are at their best if they are introducing new information in interesting ways. It is difficult for me to muster up excitement over most biographical pics because they just seem like dramatic recreation films you would watch in a museum. Speaking of that, The Theory of Everything is is the story of Stephen Hawking's life and his intellectual inquiries that changed the world. Responses you are supposed to have:

- Woh, Stephen Hawking used to walk
- Woh, romance can overcome anything
- Woh, this Hawking guy was smart.

Biopics are at their worst when they are just slightly off reiterations of what you can read on Wikipedia and that's how I would describe the first hour and twenty minutes of this film. There is nothing interesting or unique about the presentation. I'm not even sure that what Eddie Redmayne accomplishes with the acting is quite as special as people make it out to be, although he is very good in this role. The best parts of this are the representations of Hawking learning how to speak through computers and writing A Brief History of Time, and beyond which I would have preferred to be the vast majority of the film, but that's just my preference.

Ideally recommended to people that prefer biography in movie form and have lots of free time.