The Thing ★★★★★

"Maybe we are at war with Norway" - Nauls,

- John Carpenter Ranked:
- Scavenger Hunt 52:
Task 28: A remake made at least 20 years after the original (13/31)

I shoot all dogs on sight because of this movie. Some say that's extreme but then I say "Hey dummy, haven't you seen the Thing?"

The Thing is one of my favorite films of all time and a consensus top horror pick of all time because it is exciting, well-made, suspenseful, well-acted, and approachable to any audience that can handle the horror effects. It's a simple story executed to perfection with an ending that you can spend the rest of your life talking about.

Oh and Kurt Russell is in it... that's Wyatt Russell's dad!!!!!!

P.S. The scene where they are testing to see who is The Thing is one of my favorite horror scenes ever made. That's it.

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