The Two Popes

The Two Popes ★★★½

"Sometimes it feels like being Pope is to become breakfast."
-Pope Benedict XVI,

- 2019 Ranked:

Those two old men sure did talk. It's hard out there for a Pope.

Woohoo... this is the best boomer film of the year and my old man side is cheering. It's rare that we get such a good biopic about fairly recent events. Regardless of your views on them as individuals, Pope Benedict and Pope Francis are important and influential historical figures and the film does a good job giving them each a humanity. The nearly unprecedented (700 years ago) resignation of Pope Benedict and the reluctance to lead of Pope Francis are given proper weight and context here and I appreciate that about the film.

I like the idea that two popes met and talked about the Beatles and shit in a flirty way and that's just a little about what I found great in this movie. These cute scenes where they are establishing their friendship works well in contrast to the more argumentative scenes. I don't mean to bury the lead here though, what makes this film especially great is the performances of Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. Both are deserving of their nominations and Jonathan Pryce is so good I'm not sure he deserves to lose.


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