The Visit ★★★

"What the hell Nana?" -Tyler, keeping it real
"Nobody gives a crap about cinematic standards" - Tyler, wise

-Shyamalan Ranked:

When a rapping twelve year old is the scariest thing in your film you are pretty much fucked.

Two kids visit their grandparents... maybe their grandparents are evil? Oh and it's found footage style because M. Night Shyamalan hates you. These kids are way too precocious for me to care about so I just wished for them to get killed for the whole film... did I get my wish? Are the grandparents evil? You'll have to watch and find out what signature twist Shyamalan decides to WOW you with this time.... here's a hint... it's dumb and predictable.

ALL... THAT... CONSIDERED... I found this movie to be entertainingly bad and highly watchable. It's competently shot and coherent and ridiculous. Everything to me just feels a little off. The overacting from the boy started to make me laugh consistently and some of the scary visuals (hide and seek) gave me a rolling boil of giggles. Also, this film fucking hates on old people in the funniest of ways. I applauded for the twist ending because it's fun but obvious

P.S. I can't believe this movie didn't take place in Ohio... every movie like this takes place in Ohio.

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