The Wrestler ★★★★

"It's still real to me dammit" - Crying wrestling fan (nif)

- Scavenger Hunt #62 (16/31):

Life is a sad nightmare.

An over the hill wrestler attempts to negotiate a comeback while maintaining one relationship and attempting to rekindle another with his estranged daughter. The film details all the physical and emotional turmoil the man goes through and at times it is really heartbreaking. Everyone lost their shit for the real life comeback of Mickey Rourke in this, a comeback so powerful it resulted in this, The Expendables, and Iron Man 2. This is definitely Rourke's best performance and The Wrestler is a pretty solid movie.

Not a big wrestling fan but allow me to say that the wrestling in this movie is outstanding cinematically. The way Aronofsky shoots the scenes is great and moves with the action in a way that always makes you feel like you are part of the experience... it hurts to watch. It helps that Mickey Rourke looks like he has spent the last two decades getting the shit kicked out of him because the recovery scenes are just as much of a horror as the wrestling.

The Wrestler is a beautiful film about mortality and what it means to live a fulfilled life. It deals with the inability to abandon something you love, even when it means that your life could be at risk and that is a scary and interesting theme to explore. Randy's life is so sad but you can see the joy in his heart when he wrestles so seeing him have to potentially give that up is heart-wrenching. Randy is also not a perfect man and the film explores the ability for people to make up for past wrongs, and the limits of forgiveness. It's an excellent script.

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