To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story ★★★½

"The thing you don't understand if you've never been on fire is ..." - Kane,

- Daily Horror Hunt #15 (Sept. '19):
Day 19Watch any horror documentary OR movie about horror icons

Director Renny Harlin discovered Kane Hodder on the set of the movie Prison proving Renny Harlin is the key to all of Hollywood.

Kane Hodder is a really excellent storyteller and this is a surprisingly good documentary. This documentary is:

- 5% stories about him being bullied
- 28% fun facts and stories about films he is in
- 33% his experience with being burned and going through recovery
- 33% vanity film about the hatchet films and how great Kane is at acting.
- 1% pure heart

You kind of get drawn into his stories because of his charisma. His experience with getting burned and the horrors he went through in recovery got to me more than I expected. He's actually inspiring and I didn't expect that going in.

Recommended to anyone that likes bio-docs.

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