Troll ★★★½

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In the first 60 seconds of this film a boy says "I'd rather be watching Star Trek....set phasers to dull." So I know from the start that this film will get no lower than 1 star. Now to the film.... Wait, the dad's name is Harry Potter....Now to the film....Holy Shit, Sonny Bono and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (and her husband) and the original prosecutor from Law and Order are in this. Okay for real now to the film....

The first 2/3s of Troll is paced more rapidly than Crank. There's a troll who decides it's time to recruit trolls in an apartment building, so he starts doing that and go.... This is one of those films that tries really hard and has a surprisingly good cast despite the overall shitty premise.
No, it's not really connected to Troll 2 (the greatest bad good horror film of all time...not debatable) but it is it's own crappy treasure. The director also did a Friday the 13th and Ghoulies film so there is some creative production and fun puppet work.

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