Tusk ★★½

"In all of my travels, I've only ever known a human to be an ocean of shit."
-Howard, in a mood.

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Clue 7. Watch a film featuring a song by Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks
(5/30 Completed)

I'm convinced now, Johnny Depp is the worst actor on the planet who used to be a good actor.

In Tusk, one of two basic ass shock podcasters who specialize in aggressive humiliation and pranks schedules a visit to Canada to do a podcast making fun of a boy who accidentally cut off his leg. When he arrives however, the boy has killed himself. Always the opportunist, Wallace (Justin Long) responds to an ad on a bathroom stall to meet a weird ass old dude who promises crazy stories from the past. When they meet, Wallace figures out that the man, Howard, wants to literally turn him into an animal, and insanity ensues.

I actually enjoy the parts where Michael Parks and Justin Long are talking back and forth and the body modification and horror are going strong. In fact that part almost feels Hitchcockian and is really interesting. All of the remaining parts should have been cut to 20 minutes. His podcasting partner and girlfriend part are pretty flat. The parts with Johnny Depp however, approach unwatchable. There is one scene where he just rambles for 10 straight minutes of the film while the other two characters just listen. I'm not joking, these parts are horrible, did Depp hold the production hostage or something? You could literally cut Depp entirely out of this film and replace him with one line of dialogue from another member of the Canadian cast. In addition, the finale of this film is VERY stupid and undermines the tone and feel of the rest of the film.

Should you watch it? If you like weird horror probably, but I think you can very comfortably fast forward through everything you see with Depp and parts of it you will likely not like.

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