Us ★★★★

"We don't always have to talk" - Gabe

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Finally, a movie that makes you consider whether you could kick your own ass.

Jordan Peele is an exceptional horror director and Us puts that on full display. Everything looks beautiful, the actors reach their full potential (especially the children), and the suspense is high.

The first two acts of Us are close to perfection. There are parts that don't make sense completely but you have to expect a little bit of that in what is essentially a high concept slasher flick, but overall they are near perfect. I can't believe how fucking good Jordan Peele is at creating relatable and interesting characters and interpersonal dynamics. The scene where the family first meets the other family is one of the craziest things I've ever seen. I loved it.

For me, the ending and much of the third act wasn't great. I'll simply say that sometimes you can give too much explanation. Often when you are told too much, it just starts to seem convoluted and dumb... otherwise known as the #deepcavern. It's fine, just thought it was silly and I may change my mind on second watch. Yeah, see it!

P.S. That dad sucks at whack-a-mole, that's enough to scar a kid for life!

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