Yakuza Apocalypse

Yakuza Apocalypse ★★★

"We entrusted our life to a vampire?" - Someone,

- Takashi Miike Ranked: boxd.it/8N8wA
- 5x5 Directors Challenge 3 (Miike 4/5): boxd.it/7ALXq

Yakuza plus vampires sounds like a lot of fun to me... and it was... for the most part.

Miike is special because his films are willing to go here, there or anywhere you want them to go. He will experiment, stress and emphasize the unusual, and in general do anything that could be described as weird. I really like that about him but I still like some structure in my film. Yakuza Apocalypse has a number of scenes that stand out as being fierce and interesting but for me it doesn't come together as a cohesive story. It gets more and more non-sensical as it moves forward to the point that I lost any grounding for what I was watching. The direction and performances are excellent and I love the look of the film... I just needed more from the story than "hey check it out! it's fucking Yakuza vampires!!!"

Still good, just lesser Miike I think.

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