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  • King Lear
  • Hitler: A Film from Germany
  • Solaris
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

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  • The Old Man and the Sea


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  • Grace & Glorie

    Grace & Glorie

    I loved this film. It is one of those films that I began watching when I was sleepy. Five minutes into the film, I was wide awake.

    First, I had never heard of Tom Ziegler ever in my life. I am not likely to forget the name now. This play that he wrote is tender, well developed and well written.

    Films on geriatrics have never raked in dollars. I loved Paul Mazursky's "Harry and Tonto" which was not so serious…

  • Heist


    David Mamet is a great playwright and scriptwriter. Unfortunately, he never impresses as a great director (I have now seen three of his directorial works). I think he is one of the two best screenplaywrights in the US--the other being Sam Shepard.

    In contrast to the lackluster direction however, the film's script is incredibly entertaining in both wit and structure. The end of the film leaves the audience wondering if the smirk on the face of the main character tells…

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  • Mirror


    Many have reviewed this masterpiece. Yet it is important to keep in perspective the real life family members of Tarkovsky. This helps the viewer to understand the subtle details in the film. My detailed review of the film attempts to do just that at moviessansfrontiers.blogspot.com/2013/06/146-russian-maestro-andrei-tarkovskys.html

  • Conversation Piece

    Conversation Piece

    On a second viewing after a 35 year gap, I am convinced this is indeed a lovely work and a major work of Visconti. This is is also one of those rare films that an actor--Burt Lancaster--helped a director to make a great film. (One recalls Kirk Douglas prevailing on Stanley Kubrick to change the ending of Paths of Glory, only to make it a major work of cinema). Here, Burt Lancaster, staked his own money to complete the film…