Klaus ★★★★½

A true act of goodwill always sparks another.

2019 Ranked.

I used to write letters to Santa until I was 8, I think. So this story has that nostalgic tone in it but with a very charming and unique air.

The animation is wonderful and I'm really thankful to Netflix for the creation of this film. A 2D, simple animation that combines some elements of the 3D type, so visually striking that I was dazzled the entire runtime.

Jesper's arc is nothing new -A spoiled, careless and materialistic person that slowly begins to appreciate what really matters in life- but here he also changes the whole town, Smeerensburg has a radical change, and the first known as a dark, violent place now it's joyful and full of hope. Klaus' story was heartwarming and the friendship between this two is so beautiful.

Klaus gave me shivers running down my spine and I felt like a little kid, delighted with the wonderful Santa's origin story. A very funny story that feels so warmth and wholesome, perfect to ignite the Christmas spirit.

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