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  • Speak



    it's so depressing that this happens so frequently.

    every 73 seconds another american is sexually asssulted. it's been so normalized now and overlooked and we need to talk about it. please help spread awareness. if you need help please call the sexual assult hotline in your area.

  • Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!

    Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    why this the best christmas movie: 
    -bob duncan
    -mom and daughter get seperated from her family two days before christmas which could be its own movie itself
    -the rest of the family gets stuck with the moms parents and gets into trouble which could also be its own movie
    -bob, pj and gabe get stuck inside a REAL LIFE VIDEO GAME and forced to play along and escape which could ALSO be its own movie 
    -absolutely hilarious 
    -christmas in palm springs but still snow when mom and daughter were stranded
    -mime wearing gay suspenders
    -incredibly creative 
    -announced a tv show pregnancy on a dcom