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  • Like Crazy

    Like Crazy


    "...Offering the viewer a mature portrait of the messy nature of love – after all, it is more than simply falling for someone – Like Crazy revels in its realism, aided by its handheld cinematography and large amount of improvised dialogue. The film documents the central pair’s transition from initial passion to painful longing to frustrated and heated arguments, with events constantly testing their feelings. They are not always likeable or honourable – but that is the point. The characters…

  • The Day I Saw Your Heart

    The Day I Saw Your Heart


    "...While the film never fuly explains the family’s estrangement from each other, Dom and Justine represent contrasting reactions to negligent parenting. Dom is desperate for a child to prove she can do a better job, while Justine is unable to commit to something as fleeting and potentially heartbreaking as a relationship. Indeed, Suzanne’s pregnancy affects all of the characters, and the narrative’s timeline is structured around its progression..."

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  • Face to Face

    Face to Face


    "...Based on actual case notes, the film discusses workplace bullying and the consequences of our actions in an unsparing manner. These ten different Australians are slowly bound together by their complex relationships and decisions, and all are reprimanded for it. As interesting and intriguing as all of this is, however, the adaptation never truly engages..."

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  • The Adventures of Tintin

    The Adventures of Tintin


    "...the filmmakers have beefed up the books with some magnificent and breathtaking action sequences. Chase sequences, near-misses and audacious stunts combine to create a wondrous spectacle not seen from Spielberg in many years. The animation and effective 3D work together to create thrilling visuals – guided by the director’s immaculate framing – that make the action set-pieces even more intricate. Much like his Indiana Jones series, Spielberg gleefully moves between locations at a rapid pace, guided by another wonderful score by John Williams..."

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