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  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    31 days of horror film 24

    [director’s cut]

    “I’m not me.”

    The final girl surviving and standing triumphant trope stripped of a commercial and romantic context, leaving nothing but emotional and psychic wounds that are unrelentingly gnawed at. Zombie really took it upon himself to not fall into predictable franchise formula in his sequel and to actually sit with the weight of violence; almost feels like our collective reckoning for *wanting* to see characters in slasher movies being put through…

  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

    Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter


    31 days of horror film 15/31

    “God, I’m so horny.”

    The series finally drops any pretenses of setting up plot or character (though the characters here are probably the most entertaining of the bunch) and fully gives in to its sleazy conventions and proclivity for spilling blood for a lean and mean ode to carnal desires and mutilations of the flesh. Every blade piercing, hacking, slashing and, in some cases bare hands pulverizing flesh, is imbued with a pornographic glee…

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  • The Navigator

    The Navigator


    Keaton sorta kinda invents the Italian cannibal sub-genre.

  • Dredd



    Carpenter storytelling-esque efficiency (got Escape From New York vibes in its world-building economy) meets the ultra violence and sledgehammer subtlety satire of Verhoeven. A total blast. Features one hell of a pure no-nonsense brooding performance in Urban as the titular cop, could have easily not worked because of his skeletal characterization but Urban’s magnetic scowl is about as emotive as Willis’ zingers in Die Hard. Thought it had a pretty impressive futuristic urban architecture production design too considering its budget, looks infinitely better than like 99% of the big budget releases i’ve seen this year.

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  • My Teacher, My Obsession

    My Teacher, My Obsession


    a character in this movie: can art be bad?
    me watching this: oh honey,,,you have no idea.

  • Us



    A damning critique of modern America. Jordan Peele's strange, socio-political home invasion follow up is proof that he's no fluke, showing just how much of a strong grasp he has on the horror genre; knowing that it flourishes best when used as a vehicle for some underlying real world issue. Here, it slowly reveals itself through tons of symbolism that is honestly kind of overwhelming at first glance, and might need another viewing to fully unpack all of it. But…