Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

One of those rare movies that simultaneously feels far too short and far too long because all the time spent on characterization and character dynamics building might as well not have happened considering how trite all of it is, leaving the movie with the sense that not much really happened. Some decent action beats here and there (including a genuinely suspenseful, creative set piece involving trekking through a sea of hibernating zombies), whatever zombie mayhem there is in here though is highly diluted due to the pace of the action, seems like the movie is favoring character and big emotion over the set pieces which is a huge mistake when your characters (Garett Dillahunt innocent tho) and emotional core are this thin and broad. And as far as its heavy shallow focus photography goes i thought it was maybe the most interesting thing about it, amateurish for sure but at least it was distinctive. Snyder’s worst effort i’ve seen, a generic zombie actioner that unfortunately feels right at home with Netflix’s brand of homogenized mediocrity.

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