Gremlins ★★★★

Man, the first time we hear Gizmo singing while the frame is focused on his silhouette brought me back to when i was 8 or 9 watching this for the first time on VHS. This was one of those movies i would play regularly when i was a kid and just haven't had the chance to revisit as a quote on quote adult. This time i can really appreciate the puppetry for all those mischievous little fucks. It's impressive work that holds up fantastically, especially on Gizmo. I would still die for that expressive little fur-ball.

Perfectly blends Spielberg-ian trappings with looney tunes level of absurdity for wintry chaos of fun. Not just a great Christmas movie, but a great creature feature. It's handle on tone makes the gremlins be able to be pretty threatening at times but can also seemingly have the next series of scenes be a very funny,over the top gag. And i still love the climax in the department store; probably one the things that most influenced me as a kid. This is rated PG but Stripes demise is *still* gnarly as ever.

A Christmas classic that i still utterly adore, and probably always will.

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