My Soul to Take ★★

Honestly? the first hour or so rips with its (unfortunate) digital blood-splattered slashings occurring against a high school backdrop satirizing the insignificance of a teenager’s high school experience in its amusing, overly structured student ecosystem. It’s accompanied by some genuinely idiosyncratic, bizzaro shit (im a big fan of whatever Theriot is doing here, dude is committed) as the movie has us question whether everything is psychological or spiritual. But then in the last chunk of the movie it devolves into a sluggish, uninspired home invasion riff theorizing its mythology in flat meta dialogue when the identity of the killer is *really* obvious at that point forgoing any kind of dramatic tension whatsoever. Its honestl absurd how long they decided to hold that reveal card.
Craven has some genuinely cool ideas at play here, but it just seemed to collapse on its own ambition. Curious to read if there were any reshoots on this thing, because so much of that back half does not work nor does it feel like where the movie wanted to go during its first half.

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