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  • Inception



    Still so endlessly amused/charmed by Tom Hardy & Joseph Gordon Levitt’s on-going, friendly adversity. Who ever said Nolan didn’t have a sense of humor?

  • The Last Picture Show

    The Last Picture Show


    Numb comfort. There’s been loads of teenage coming of age films since this but I don’t know if any have dared to cut through the essential coming of age, horny shenanigans with such a raw, inescapable current of sadness. A naturalistic slice of Americana where a small town’s history becomes apart of the characters’ DNA, and the characters themselves trapped in the familiar monotony of it all.

  • Deadbeat at Dawn

    Deadbeat at Dawn


    DIY revenge splatter WARRIORS. Fun! Not my favorite slice of low budget exploitation (takes a while to truly get into the nitty gritty of this over the top gangland’s pumping arteries imo) but it’s still a kickass illustration of what someone with merely a camera, passion and lots of fake blood can accomplish.

  • California Split

    California Split


    Indulging in artificial euphoria until you can’t feel anything anymore. Breezy hangout buddy movie that unglamorously climaxes with understated melancholy which was really there the whole time. “Where do you live?”

  • I Love You Again

    I Love You Again


    Y’all ever get your amnesia reversed via light, accidental blunt force head trauma and realize that you’re a scam artist & married to Myrna freakin’ Loy, only for her to want a divorce? Hate when that happens. Fun! even if a lot of it just coasts on Myrna Loy & William Powell’s inherently charming chemistry.

  • Dolls



    Stuart’s most wholesome affair? Still has awesome macabre gags you’d expect in a Stuart Gordon joint of course but it’s fused with unexpected, whimsical optimism; rejecting the idea of cynicism being imposed onto the next generation at such a young age, expanding and celebrating a child’s imagination and wonder. A nutty old dark house picture filled with occult tinged killer toy mania and the potent idea of limitless creativity.

  • The Lodge

    The Lodge


    Kinda dumb lol. Wants to be something akin to HEREDITARY but it’s fundamentally a silly ass concept (and not to mention having shocks and twists that are telegraphed a mile away). That mixed with a portentous tone makes it a dire watch, and not in the positive way. Neat wintry atmosphere tho.

  • To Live and Die in L.A.

    To Live and Die in L.A.


    Fate favors no one but the game. Almost unbearably cynical, masterful stuff. Instant favorite. Also, the car chase in this > the car chase in THE FRENCH CONNECTION.

  • Castle Freak

    Castle Freak


    Loose (*very* loose) Lovecraft narrative meets Italian exploitation nastiness with a dusty yet flavorful gothic atmosphere. Stuart was a wild one for this one.

  • Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes


    Standing in the eye of corruption—where seeing the violent injustices around can no longer be ignored, seeing then becomes the cause for action. Holy shit does this rule. De Palma’s form here is just sublime; the one take opening provides all the information (character, plot, etc) we need to know briskly while building intrigue and tension with whip pans breaking the rhythm but keeping the momentum accentuating that tension until it finally reaches an end point with the absolutely dynamite assassination of the secretary of defense and the geneiss of Cage’s own admission of culpability. So damn good.

  • Bloodshot



    The action (while actually pretty solid and fun for the most part) unfortunately devolves into early to mid 2000’s rough, cgi heavy spectacle during its climax and it could have used fuller characterization (would have been a lot better if one of the villain’s motivation for hating Vin wasn’t this vague and lip servicey, had potential for legit great cinematic adversary) but the way it’s structured kind of caught me off guard; cleverly flipping the first 40 or so minutes…

  • Scarface



    High-tier Pacino rage, god-tier score by Giorgio Moroder.