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Officially watched 500 films in 2019. I’ve gone mad.

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  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    “They came from behind!”

    Showed my girlfriend Star Wars for the first time - Project 4K77 to be precise. Then I showed her clips from the 4K UHD release, which she preferred the crisp visuals of until I showed her the CGI additions (🤮). Still, she enjoyed most of the film and liked the crazy looking characters. Most of all though, she is doing this for me, to understand my wide love of film, from masterworks to films about space…

  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter



    Still gotta cringe because of that Hershey bar scene. Outside of that this movie, which features no plot or story, is ultimately Tremors and Enemy Mine but like not as fun? 

    I didn’t dislike this movie, I knew what it was going in and I enjoyed it’s over the top nature and I really liked the big monsters. Ron Pearlman was there, for some reason. The editing when the humans fought each other was kinda disgusting but they made it fun again with big monsters

    Honestly big monsters are all I need.

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  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


    “I always wanted me an El Camino, and that’s church yo.”

    For a film that didn’t need to exist, it darn well exists. Well shot and acted with nice tense scenes, which though the film seemed to be a rinse and repeat formula it at least had creative fun with that to give us something new each time. The prequel elements were interesting outside of a thing I note in the bottom of this review (as it is a spoiler).…

  • Tenet



    “It hasn’t happened yet.”

    Loud gargantuan past future mind fuck. 

    Viewed at Astor Theatre in 70mm.