Midsommar ★★★★

Midsommar is a nightmare of revelations and emotions, all played out in the brightest sunlight, told by master storyteller Ari Aster.

Director Aster also wrote the screenplay and was able to bring together a team of actors with the chops to carry out his nightmare...an impressive second feature for his resume.

Florence Pugh, however, leads the pack, securing our empathy and showing us every nuance of emotional pain that one can imagine. Miss Pugh may be in her twenties but she is an old soul who was able to inhabit the character of Dani...who is on a personal journey you would not even wish on your greatest enemy.

Aster diligently researched his subject and creates a plausible cultish scenario that absorbs our main characters as a spider would a fly.

Midsommar leaves you with a chill...and an incomparably haunting final scene.

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