Torso ★★★

Torso is chock full of the flourishes that one expects in a giallo film. There are lovely ladies, a deranged and unknown killer, a show-stopping multiple murder and dismemberment scene (actually pretty tastefully done) and more.

I didn't warm to the characters that much and there is little effort by the script to develop them. However, Torso delivers the goods if you are a fan of the genre. It's one of a half dozen gialli thrillers helmed by director Sergio Martino.

I especially enjoyed the scenic Italian locales, Perugia and Tagliacozzo. I would love to visit Italy one day but these films may be as close as I'll get. Of course, if I do get to go, I don't want to meet any crazy dudes who skulk around in masks and black gloves wielding hacksaws.

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