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  • Why Did We Like Elfen Lied?


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  • Antz


    visceral memories of seeing this movie on a 1970 tube television and then having my mind blown by seeing it on a modern CRT several years later.

    "Dont make my mistake kid, dont follow orders your whole life.
    Think for yourself."

    just imagine this
    the Virgin Bugs Life FAN vs the Chad Antz Enjoyer

  • Why Did We Like Elfen Lied?

    Why Did We Like Elfen Lied?


    I didn't like Elfen Lied actually -
    but after watching this, I think I'd owe some of my old college friends apologies. If they weren't wrong for other reasons.
    a great watch imo. I can only count g o o d Anime "youtube media" people on one hand (I know who you're thinking and you're wrong)
    and hazel is definitely in that list now.

    I recommend her video on Stop!! Hibari-kun! and Trans Representation in Anime and 'What's The Deal With Grell Sutcliff?'
    as required viewing if you want to be cool.

    You wanna be cool don'tcha?

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