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This review may contain spoilers.

Second watch. This time around, I watched it almost solely based on it's visual aspects, which had me noticing just how truly impeccable the cinematography is. Every other shot contains such an absurd amount of meanings. Bong's effort for camera work is worth all the praise this film is getting. Scenes that stood out this time were: The montage (literally one of the most flawlessly executed pieces of cinema); The hiding scene (even when knowing how things will go, I still felt my eyes widening in fear for the characters); The flooded house (the melancholy music playing over seeing those characters be thrown back into their reality, as it cuts back and forth between the paralyzed victims in the basement, had me jaw-dropped). Though, even after my repeated viewings, I can't wrap my mind around writing a proper review for this. Even when being perfectly aware of every aspect of this film, it all comes down to making me utterly speechless.

It's so metaphorical.

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