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  • The Departed

    The Departed


    Worst, most unintentionally hilarious soundtrack to a great movie?

    Also this, Ripley, The Informant, and Downsizing are so obviously the essential Matt Damon performances; each elevates "the unexamined doofus" to a plain of great and terrible consequence.

  • Light Sleeper

    Light Sleeper


    Fascinated and entranced by the warm’N’friendly group character study of life on earth as painless, go-nowhere purgatory. Could have watched Dafoe— here in toothy and earnest Jesus mode— fill & junk composition notebooks for hours; Susan.S’s gentle exit from his life is really the only narrative tug this needed, which is why it’s baffling that Schrader took this veritable anti-Taxi Driver and rush converted it into totally-justified-uncomplicated-Taxi-Driver in the last 40 minutes. Biggest bummer in a while. What a career.

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  • The Duke of Burgundy

    The Duke of Burgundy



    Showed this to my father. He was bored by it. I explained to him that the fact that he loves me enough to watch any film I want him to is what the film is basically about. He said "No Julian, it's about lesbian lepidopterists."

    It's still a masterpiece, Dad.

  • Mustang




    Hot Take 1: The Great Escape + The Virgin Suicides = me underselling the fuck out of this movie.

    Hot Take 2: A beautiful, ten-legged monster is sliced up by the patriarchy, but bravely refuses to bleed.