Aquarius ★★★★



Not quite a "look back in anger"— it's too warm and knowing about family and history for that, but definitely a look back spurned by anger. Can't claim to understand everything that's going on here in terms of politics (admittedly the film does kind of lose me when it makes them explicit. #IDontKnowWhatIWant), though, to hear Filho tell it, a lot of the resonances the story takes on weren't necessarily "programmed in." Anyway, I love this film for its intimate, dare I say Margaret-esque sprawl, and for being bold enough to repeatedly delay the conflict and instead use its inevitability in order to emotionally shade scenes of Braga looking through old photo albums and dancing drunk to terrible Queen albums. She's terrific here, by the way, though decidedly less so at press conferences ("I WAS A FLY!").

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