Cosmopolis ★★★★


Do I risk sounding like a pretentious douche if I say that I found this polarizing, supposedly difficult film supremely, breezily enjoyable? I mean, it's not Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol or what-have-you. But for me, the coupling of DeLillo's hilarious "CAPITALISM IS EVERYWHERE"-speak with Cronenberg's shiny formalism makes excellent cinematic comfort food. Engaging from front to back. The ideas discussed— while perfectly digestible in and of themselves— were a bit too densely packed together to really get my mind racing, though. A transcript of my headspace while watching one of the conversations in the limo might simply read "Uhuh. Yes. Uhuh. Interesting. Uhuh. Hahaha GTFOOH. Uhuh. Interesting." The film grows knottier (if not necessarily better) as it goes along and there are little moments that get me thinking about the scope of the film as a whole: "Violence needs a burden," "My prostate is asymmetrical," "Talent is more erotic when it's wasted." There's a picture being formed there that I can't quite nail down, and it's this that will no doubt send me back. Roger Ebert said you couldn't "pay me to watch it again." Well, I guess you don't have to pay me either. I'm already there.

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