Malignant ★★★

James Wan-- last remaining flag-waver for 2004 era Revolution Studios aesthetics.

Read nothing beforehand so pretty quickly got cozy with this as sort-of amiably lame--- "I'm adopted" into that "Where is My Mind" music cue really sets a tone-- and was SUPER taken aback by the turn into precision caliber surreal madness, unfurled in the last thirty minutes like a Venus-Fly tongue. At the end of the day I still prefer Wan's enthusiastic-goofiness when it's seeping through the cracks of his faux respectable ghost movies, but this movie did successfully render my brain a melted popsicle so props.

Next Imma need a Zack Snyder produced, real time 95 minute prequel set just before whatshernamemalignantlady shows up in that impossibly rowdy women's jail cell. Such delirious tough cookie atmosphere! Reader I was blushing.

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