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  • The World to Come

    The World to Come


    A beautiful, sad story of a close relationship between two women seeking to fill the void that surrounds them. And above all, it's a human film that takes us back to a period that was hard on individuals and hard on women, revealing human nature in carnal, unattainable love, and questioning, above all, the place of women in 19th-century America. Listening to a narrative in the form of a fatalistic diary, a glimpse of a better world seems illusory. A…

  • Anatomy of a Fall

    Anatomy of a Fall


    2nd trial film where I am speechless. The entire cast is outstanding You need to be focused, because every detail counts, taking us back and forth between guilt and innocence and, above all, leading us to question ourselves. Justince Triet is a maestro because everything, absolutely everything, is so well orchestrated that we're caught up in a whirlwind of emotions, with this incredible artistic direction and total immersion in this gripping story where doubt lingers and we're also confronted with…

Popular reviews

  • The Swan

    The Swan


    “Some people when they have taken too much .Simply, crumble, and collapse, and give up...”

    Rupert Friend is frightening in his narration, and even though the kid doesn't speak you can feel all his suffering, and this is clearly the best short film we'll find this year. I'm going to have trouble getting over it.

    Wes Anderson's darkest work, which brings out all your trauma in this macabre story and Peter, a truly inspiring character and, above all, what kind…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    Ahhh fucking slayyyyyyyy ! The opening scene is the dumbest, bloodiest, funniest thing I've seen this year. 😂 This is what I've been waiting for for a while, blood, dark humour and lots of fun and I don't know what the hell is happening to me but I love Margot Robbie in a film :D Colourful, delirious and utterly enjoyable, with badass anti-heroes the likes of which I've never seen before, and a free-flowing script that doesn't skimp on the…