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  • Dunkirk



    This was a good look at how it must have felt to be one of the people: on the beach, on the boat, in the plane, commanding with no idea of what is going on. Christopher Nolan expects you to come to this film knowing what Dunkirk is. He doesn't care about the extraneous elements (if they can be called that). We don't get any views of British or German government or military other than anonymous planes battling to sink…

  • Spectre



    It had all the right elements but somehow they added up to a lot of detachment and low key viewing. How did the same directoe as Skyfall get so boring?

    Thus ends our odyssey of watching all the Bond movies in order, not with a bang but a thud.

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  • Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl's Moving Castle


    19-year-old Sophie has resigned herself to a drab life in her family's hat shop ... until she is cursed by an evil witch to have an 90-year-old body. She leaves home and goes searching for a way to break the spell. In the countryside she comes upon Howl's strange moving castle which walks about on large chicken legs.

    Howl is the young wizard who owns the castle and Sophie soon becomes part of the household as the housekeeper. As she…

  • Angel-A



    Andre is an inept con artist who has made a lot of bad business deals with a lot of bad people. When we meet him, Andre's luck has run out and his time is almost up as he faces multiple death threats. Despairing, he decides to end it all by jumping off of a bridge into the Seine.

    At the point of jumping, Andre notices a tall, gorgeous woman who jumps from the bridge, and Andre's thoughts turn from suicide…