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Writer, Film Lover.  My reviews are brief but my passion for film is not.

Favourite Films are my favourite films from past TIFF years.

Favorite films

  • Ikiru
  • Harold and Maude
  • Amadeus
  • The Elephant Man

Recent activity

  • Notting Hill


  • The English Patient


  • The Teachers’ Lounge

  • Dream Scenario

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  • Saltburn


    I won’t forget certain moments.  Ever. 

    I’m still debating was it a comedy or a tragedy? Both? Both. 

    Adding to my review now that it’s out because I have more to say on this one.  

    Because I heard Emerald Fennell speak at the screening at the  Austin Film Festival, I was able to take it (and I mean take it) and go along for the ride.  

    She said she was exploring the perversions of desire and obsession. What…

  • A Face in the Crowd

    A Face in the Crowd


    “There Nothing as Trustworthy ... As The Ordinary Mind - Of The Ordinary Man” - Lonsome Rhodes

    Blessed with a silver tongue, good looks and charm, Lonsome Rhodes is discovered in  the drunk tank by radio host Marcia Jeffries when she pops into the county lockup for her “Face In The Crowd” spotlight show to capture the voices of ordinary men.   His little radio ditty is a huge hit, one thing leads to another and Rhodes becomes a national…

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  • Metropolis



    “The mediator between the hands and the head must be the heart”.

    I finally saw this monstrosity of a film in its entirety on the big screen. Paying homage that is long overdue. Hard to believe it was made in 1927. At the time it took 17 months and cost over 5 million Reichsmarks to make. It’s definitely one of the most defining and pioneering works of cinematic fiction ever made. Filmmakers continue to borrow from the screenplay, visuals and…

  • Where Hands Touch

    Where Hands Touch


    TIFF18 Film 13

    No Nazi was sympathized during the filming of this movie.

    Amma Asante said that she had to prove herself through Belle and A United Kingdom to make Where Hands Touch, a film she researched for many years.  We never really hear about Black Germans, let alone in Nazi Germany, so I really wanted to learn more. 

    This is Leyna’s story. This is about her struggle to belong in her own country and her struggle to survive.  Yes…