Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory ★★★★½

The nights that coincide several pains, those nights I believe in God and I pray to him. The days when I only suffer a type of pain, I'm an atheist.

I struggle to find the words that can describe Pedro Almodóvar’s Pain and Glory. The film is so painstakingly personal and intimate that it doesn’t even feel right to discuss or criticize. Almodóvar has truly opened himself up in this work and bares his soul to the world. You can feel just how cathartic this was for him as he seemingly overcomes the pain and sadness that he’s held onto for so long. And here, Antonio Banderas delivers an exquisite performance that adds so much to this simple yet beautiful portrayal of life and art. This is one of those films that reminds us why cinema is such a powerful force. Reminding us why we use it to help face the emotions we don’t want to confront ourselves, why we use it to escape the mundanity of our lives, and why we use it to look back on those lost memories. I think Pain and Glory captures all of that in one, and for that, it’s a truly special experience.

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