Parasite ★★★★★

I’m fucking floored… Bong Joon-ho has done it again. Delivering yet another genre-bending and masterful film that’s easily his best work to date (sorry Memories of Murder). It’s funny, it’s ominous, it’s emotional, it’s literally everything I wanted it to be. Bong’s writing is absolutely terrific, fully confident and understanding of its world and characters, which makes the constant tonal shifts never seem jarring. Parasite is full of complex and well-realized characters that inhabit such an eccentric world where anything seems possible, but Bong always makes sure to ground the characters to give the absurd world a lived-in feeling. He taps into the tensions between the rich and the poor, showing two families on opposite sides of the financial and social spectrums of their communities. Making for a story where the lines aren’t always clear for either parties as the true implications of their actions begin to take over, leaving the audience to determine who’s good and evil in this story of social division. We’re constantly left guessing and have no idea where Bong will take this brilliant story next. There are twists and turns that will leave your jaw on the floor and that’s just the power of Bong’s storytelling. To top that off, the pacing is just impeccable. The audience gets thrown right into this rabbit hole of non-stop entertainment where the brilliant social commentary is just the cherry on top. When it ended, I knew I had just seen a film where the filmmaker behind it was at the top of his game, in total control of his vision, and it was a joy to watch. Parasite is an innovative masterpiece that will easily go down as one of the finest cinematic experiences we’ve had the pleasure of watching this decade. There's not a single trace of doubt in my mind when I say that this is truly a perfect film. #BONGHIVE

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