Waves ★★★★★

Thank You, Trey. Thank you for making this beautiful work of art that will stick with me forever. It’ll be the film I show my children, the film I hope will inspire them to better themselves like it’s done with me. What I felt while watching this is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s the film that left my dad, who’s a domineering, emotionally closed-off father like Sterling K Brown’s character, in complete tears during the car ride home as he apologizes for everything he’s put me through. The constant pushing me to my limits, the lack of nurturing. Someone who I’ve always seen as a tough, unsympathetic person that just doesn’t understand me or my feelings is broken and asking me for my forgiveness after finally getting a glimpse of what the recipient of this supposed “tough love” feels. He finally saw the effects of his persistent toxicity and was able to understand how this might hurt me to the point where I want to give up. He was able to see the highs and lows, the hardships and confused feelings of young people because of this film. 

To see a nuanced father-son relationship portrayed in such a raw and delicate way on the big screen was a true gift. Because, like Tyler, my life has moved so fast and it’s incredibly difficult to process all of it when everything you thought you knew and loved comes crumbling down on you so quickly. And realizing that I’m not alone in these feelings is just so damn comforting. I know this film is going to have a huge impact on me and my relationship with my father. I feel like our bond will strengthen because of this film. And over time, our relationship will heal as we bond over the collective experience we shared in the cinema watching this powerful film.

Walking in to this film I never could’ve imagined how moved I’d be by it. I feel like I’m ready to confront my anger, insecurities and anxieties, and I hope others will find a lot to connect with in special film. There’s truly nothing better than watching something that makes you feel seen and understood, and Waves provided that for me. So thank you, Trey, for this experience I’ll never forget. Your film has moved me to better myself, to love, and to meet my emotions head on. Thank you for making such stunning films that tell intimate yet universal stories. And thank you for inspiring me to tell my own stories so that one day I can hopefully make art that deeply affects others.

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