Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast ★★★½

MMMmmmmmmmm ok thoughts 

- I want to live my life with as much delightful/delighted OTT splendor as audra brought to her role 
- aesthetically and symbolically speaking, it was a bad idea to give the beast horns 
- I would like to have several words with whoever looked at the original film and went 'you know what this story needs? more shakycam' honestly that camerawork was BAFFLING at best and senseless at worst!  
- I had a weird downton flashback when the beast started singing.... remember those days 
- incredible that the """gay moment""" was about as progressive as a 1950s movie I mean it wasn't offensive but it wasn't great imo
- gugu mbatha-raw is luminous and breathtaking and the belle we deserved!!!!!!!! 
- belle's coat in the something there sequence is Still Good but her iconique yellow dress is Strikingly Not
- personally if I'd fought a hard battle not to wear a corset I'd have fought equally to prevent my voice from being autotuned into emotionlessness! big yikes!
- reader, I still cried at the main song

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