Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

Pure cinematic madness in its most beautiful form.
Love Exposure is a roller coaster ride of emotions, consistently mesmerizing in the way it links different topics and genres. Action, comedy, porn, romance, Catholicism, sects, sin, family, perversion, friendship, all united by ... love. Because somehow over the whole runtime Love Exposure remains *just* a classic love story.
None of it seems random, but like this own bizarre and perverse world, almost like an exaggerated mirror of our own one. It's a world to immerse oneself into on the journey to find beauty in this very weirdness.
Sion Sono drives art to the highest and most personal. It are those certain moments with all these characters I've come to love: The quiet moments when my heart stood still, the hectic moments when I couldn't help but grin and the ending that comfortably brings everything together, with a subtle smile taking one into its warm embrace after 4 hours of fun and suffering.
These are people, songs, pictures, words and feelings that will stay with me forever.

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