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  • Children of the Sea

    Children of the Sea


    This is the kind of movie that I liked, but if someone told me they hated it I'd be like, "yeah, that makes sense."

  • Spaceship Earth

    Spaceship Earth


    Not nearly as salacious as the trailer suggests. The documentary doesn't seem to have a strong or critical point of view, but presents a series of events from the perspective of those events' participants. Despite this, it coaxes out thoughts about class, privelege, science, and what it might be like to be an optimist living in a world of endless possibilities.

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  • The Greatest Showman

    The Greatest Showman


    Like a less funny, more problematic Juwanna Man.

  • Queen of the Damned

    Queen of the Damned


    This movie came out when I was a teenager, which was the perfect time for me to see it. It's trash, I've seen it many times, and I love it.