In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★★

Impossible for this to have not been such an utter explosion of feeling.

Breathe is a very special number for me, and it really did a number ON me, I was crying nearly harder than I ever had at a movie, just sobbing at this song, with Nina really there, and the bridge really being manifested

There's doses of things that are awkward and are just /too much/ like earnest singing and dancing and dreaming can work but, uh, "Lemme just listen to my block?" oh my god she really did it she closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of her block, multiple times. Suffers from Made In America™ movie syndrome (no dad, it's your dream!) and y'know, the whole thing about how in the end they gentrified a movie about gentrification

A lot of feeling. A lot to celebrate, more latin faces than I've ever seen in an American production. I felt so much for this city. It's true, it's pretty much true, never been north of 96th street, but it's my city, and really just was a lot to see this on the big screen, in 2021. Still getting a "oh my god they're not wearing masks" conditioned jolt every so often.

Things are out of date. Vanessa singing about how she doesn't mind being catcalled, the United States Navy being an integral part of the story, all that good stuff. There's problems I'm not equipped to talk about right now, there's problems and there's triumphs

Daphne Rubin-Vega are you KIDDING me

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