Dune ★★★★½

"Here I am, here I remain!"
- Duke Leto Atreides

In not one single scene the audience is aware of the unbearable heat that should actually be omnipresent on Arrakis. I find that very strange, mainly because I can't explain this impression! Attention is paid to brightness and in some scenes this unbearable luminosity is also brought very clearly into the viewer's field of vision. But the feeling of heat is completely absent! The DUNE universe and its inhabited planets seem strangely cold. Even all characters are surrounded by an unreal-looking cold and impersonal aura. At second glance, DUNE is more of a strangely inanimate work of art than a blockbuster movie should be. A streamlined construction into which the characters fit without being particularly noticeable. DUNE looks like you are strolling slowly through an art gallery, walking past massive oil paintings and impressive monuments created by sculptors, which as soon as you leave the gallery quickly fade and at the same time remain in your memory in a very strange way. The desert world of Arrakis is an indiscribably cold world. It is not possible for me to find an explanation or words for the different impressions this movie leaves and triggers in my mind.

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