Suspiria ★★★

I'm not one to have many shocking reactions after watching a film, but Suspiria has completely destroyed me and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I really, really loved the first half, the dance sequences (which are hypnotic), the make-up and its superb editing. I really, really hated how the third act completely destroys that. It goes from a very respectable uniformity with the sometimes 70s horror vibe, to sudden shlock. Don't get me wrong, I was entertained by the scene, but it's just not good? Like, it is actually fucking awful, and I still found some level of enjoyment out of it? I think it's simply because of how bizarre and out there it is, but it's genuinely hard to like because of its terrible slow motion affect (it is a visual eye-sore) and how long it goes on for. The entire film is overlong, filled with so many unnecessary scenes, and somehow after 2 hours and 30 minutes of this, I don't think you get a single character that's three dimensional. Perhaps the old man? But even his subplot was lame (plus, I couldn't understand a word he said most of the time). I'm actually split here. I got so involved with who everyone was and trying to keep up, but all that effort leads nowhere satisfying. Still, I'm a complete sucker for horror, gore, naked females demonically dancing to Radiohead, and the under appreciated practical effects. This one is in need of a rewatch, which seems like a chore and a fun experiment at the same time.

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