In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★½

Nowadays characters in romances will only fuck and when they aren't, theyll be giving an incredibly cheesy and disingenuous monologue about how their fat ass completed their life. Today, they never give characters space to breath. In The Mood for Love is virtually all breathing space, letting the relationship soak up with the heavy little looks or a brisk lighting of a cigarette. Theres not a single kiss between the characters in In The Mood For Love, and yet it is one of the most entrancing, most romantic, and sexiest films of all time.

Beautiful beyond belief, the sultry color palette waltzing with the EARGASMIC score and the god damn slow mo makes for one of the most mouth watering treats cinema can offer. The film's theme and that one other song is played about a hundred times over, and you'd think it'd get annoying but no, Wong Kar Wai somehow makes it more heart wrenching every time. Performances off the charts. Holy shittttttt. A single look says it all or no look at all. Theres a scene where one of Chow's friends tells him he saw his wife with another man. The camera is positioned to where we only see the back of Chow's head. In a billow of smoke from his cigar, he doesnt even move his head, yet you can feel the sorrow dripping from the screen.

Amazing. Fuck.

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