Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★★

This years Oscars are lining up to be an incredibly interesting, competitive, and diverse award ceremony, and you'll be hearing the name Ma Raineys Black Bottom a lot.

Without even having seen the film, unfortunately some low life bitches will start bitching about Chadwick Boseman only getting all the attention during award season because he passed away this year. But for his final performance, Chadwick Boseman truly goes out with a bang in a riveting and spinechilling performance, the best performance of his tragically cut short career, and easily one of the best performances of the year. His and Viola Davis' performance in Ma Rainey are the only things that are worth watching the film for. Without the dazzling performances, Ma Raineys Black Bottom is in my opinion a bland mediocre, run of the mill movie that always comes around during award season, looking to pick up some easy wins (I've already forgotten all the scenes Viola and Chad werent in, not my fault 🤷‍♂️).

Chadwick and Viola really do make this film entirely theirs, and I'll stop yappin about how good they are so you can go and watch it for yourself already

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