Minari ★★★★★

Minari is a film that hits incredibly close to home for me, as a first generation immigrant from South Korea. This film feels like it was made for me.

Minari is somehow the most Korean and the most American movie ever made, at the same time. When I watch this film, I see my grandmothers in the grandma of this film. I see me and my grandparents playing that card game.

When I watch this film, I see my family having to live in that small apartment when we first moved to the US.

When I watch this film, I see my parents arguing over what's best for me and my brother.

When I watch this film, I see my parents working their asses off sustainability for me.

When I watch this film, I see myself having to grow up in America, having to learn english, being assimilated into the new culture.

When I watch this film, I see and feel myself and my childhood in this film on an unbelievably deep and sincere level.

And despite strong themes of assimilation, prosperity, the American Dream, and just flat out growing up in the United States, people like the Golden Globes refuse to give this film hardly any recognition just because it doesn't speak enough of their one and only, holy English language. So please do one better, and when the film gets a wider release, get as many people to watch this extraordinary film as possible.

The score is BEAUTIFUL, the acting is delicate, the writing is tender, the cinematography is welcoming, and directed by a passionate eye, Minari is an amazing and deeply personal film that I will cherish forever. I called my grandma right after :)))

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